Commercial Pool Maintenance Services

Water Safety & Quality Monitoring Service

Commercial Pool Maintenance Services

Water Safety & Quality Monitoring Service

Commercial Pool Maintenance Services

Atlantis Pool Services have got you covered whether you operate a Commercial Body Corporate, Hydrotherapy Clinic, Swim School, Resort or Hotel Swimming Pool in the Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Redcliffe, North Brisbane suburbs, Queensland.

Our certified commercial pool technicians can maintain & manage all your commercial public or private user pool needs – according to corresponding Qld Health pool chemical criteria guidelines.

We service the following municipal and commercial pool and spa categories:

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Are you operating your Commercial Pool or Aquatic Facility in line with Public Health & Safety Standards?

01. High risk pools and spas

High risk pools and spas include shallow, outdoor heavy-use commercial or municipal pools and water parks for children that have high levels of user and environmental contamination. While supervisory systems should be automatic, chemical testing should be conducted five times daily and extensive service records maintained.

02. Medium risk pools and spas

Medium risk pools and spas include pools/spas that experience peak use periods, such those operated by schools, camps, caravan parks, hydrotherapy clinics and resorts. These pools are used solely by discreet user groups who are supervised during peak periods. Chemical testing should be conducted three times daily and a pool log maintained.

03. Low risk pools and spas

Low risk pools and spas include pools/spas requiring minimal chemical testing and supervision, such as hotels, motels, retirement villages and body corporates (residential condos, apartments & townhouses). Users include owner occupier residents and guests. Although only minimal logs are required, test results should be recorded for future owner residents or operators. Chemical testing should be conducted twice daily and after heavy usage periods.

Commercial Pool Water Quality Control & Maintenance

To safely operate a commercial pool/spa, you need a pool management plan that eliminates or reduces potential health & safety risk factors. You also need to know what risk category your pool or spa falls into.

Atlantis Pool Services can customise the right pool management plan for you – one that meets Govt regulations and keeps your pool spa water safe for your users. Our certified pool technicians take a risk management approach to assess and identify risk factors unique to your commercial pool/spa.

We also provide preventative maintenance to ensure your pool water doesn’t get contaminated with disease causing micro-organisms in the first place. When your water circulation, filtration and disinfectant systems are professionally maintained for operational efficiency, you can minimise contamination risk levels – especially during peak use periods.

Atlantis Pool Services can identify & take action on the potential health risks of your aquatic facility

Having a water monitoring & management plan in place is essential to maintain safe water quality in public aquatic facilities – especially those that cater for vulnerable groups, including children and immune compromised users.

Our expert team take a site-specific risk assessment approach when planning & implementing operational and maintenance protocols – to ensure the health and safety of your users. These may include:

microbiological, chemical and environmental hazard identification

health & safety risk assessment

identification of water quality control measures

full assessment of facility, water supply and treatment systems

staff guidance for management roles and responsibilities

set water quality targets and establish treatment objectives

health/safety incident response procedures

pool/spa operational monitoring

water quality verification monitoring

water sample test data recording & reporting

Atlantis Commercial Pool Services for Safe & Hygienic Aquatic Environments

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