Swimming Pool Water Testing

Spintouch Digital Water Testing

Swimming Pool Water Testing

Spintouch Digital Water Testing

Swimming Pool Water Testing

What to expect when you come in for a pool water chemical test

At Atlantis Pool Shop, we offer all our customers and local pool owners free, unlimited chemical water testing and balancing. We recommend that you get your pool water tested when you spring open your pool and twice monthly while your pool is in use – until closing it for winter

01: Drop in your water sample.

Pop into our store on Burke Crescent, North Lakes with your pool water sample in a small plastic bag or jar.

Our water care technician will run your sample in Spin Touch, one of the most advanced testing devices available, for a quick water analysis.

02: Wait a minute…

After a minute, we can determine the exact chemical amounts required to balance your pool water perfectly – for sparkling, clear water.

If you need to stock up on any pool chemicals required in your report, we always have a full range available.

03: Take away your FREE water test report!

On your test report, you’ll find step by step instructions on dispensing your chemicals, or you can select one of our pool service options & leave it to your expert pool techs at Atlantis Pool Services.

Why is pool water testing important for your health?

Pool water chemical testing is important for health & safety because it informs you whether a pool is safe to use or not.

That’s why Atlantis Pool Shop provides free pool water testing & balancing – ensuring you & your family live in the safest pool environment possible.

Pool owners, who have their pool water tested & balanced regularly, seldom experience chemical balance problems such as bacteria and algae.

They also spend less on pool chemical & operating costs in the long term than those who test when there seems to be a problem.

Wonder how we can accurately test your pool water in 1 min?

Check out the Waterlink Spin Touch

We use Spin Touch because it can test water in 60 seconds flat thanks to patented Centrifugal Fluidics Reagent Disks.

Better still, you get a detailed pool &/or spa water analysis report and balance guide for free, right here at Atlantis Pool shop!