Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Pool Chemicals

Atlantis Pool Shop offers a variety of quality pool chemicals to maintain your pool to a clean and healthy standard. We also provide free water tests and offer chemical consultancy. With our knowledgeable website and onsite pool services, we are here to take care of your swimming pool.

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Is the leading treatment for sanitising pool water. It kills bacteria and algae, which keep your pool water clean, safe and crystal clear throughout the year.


Will give a strong shock that kills off any non-living contaminants that might be present in your pool water. Oxidisers are also ideal for cloudy water.


Our specialised pool treatment includes effective pool water sanitisers. They quickly kill bacteria in your pool water to prevent them from growing, giving you clear, clean, and healthy water to swim.

Pool Chemical Consultancy

With our wide selection of pool chemicals, we can offer you our consultancy service. If you follow the instructions and our advice, we guarantee that your pool water will be sanitised and balanced, as your health is our top priority.

Discolouration Pools

A discolouration pool water directly tells you something is wrong. Your action is required.

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Salt Water

Salt pool water is popular and cost effective than chlorine pools. We provide Salt Pool Solution Chart for your reference.

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If your pool water looks cloudy, we have a range of highly effective pool water clarifiers. To bring your pool water back to clear and sparkling clean. They work by clumping small particles together so they can be caught through your filter.

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Stain solutions

We offer stain solutions to solve your annoying stain problems. Perfect for chemical, metal or rust stains. We actually have organic stain products suitable for all pool surfaces.

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What We Offer

Keep your pool water shining and healthy