The advantages of using robotic pool cleaners

If you’re a pool owner, you get to enjoy a great outdoor activity in your own backyard – and a healthy break away from the video game consoles, social media feeds and Netflix binge-watching. Among the advantages of having a pool are numerous health benefits, including exercise, stress relief, quality family time, better sleep, and a natural way to cool off during those hot summer months.

However, despite all the perks of owning a pool, there is one drawback that can take all the fun out of pool life – and that’s cleaning your pool. Pool filtration systems can remove contaminants in the water, but they don’t clean the steps, walls, corners and floor of a pool – a very high maintenance manual chore.

Fortunately, that’s where robotic pool cleaners come to the rescue.

Robotic pool cleaners are typically low maintenance and utilise advanced brushing and cleaning technology. You just launch them in your pool and they do the rest in about 2-3 hours. They can remove everything from leaves to tiny algae measuring 2 microns across, which they deposit into an easy-to-clean filter bag.

You can leave your robotic cleaning unit in the pool when not in use, and it can automatically maintain a regular cleaning schedule via a weekly timer function. However, it’s not recommended to leave most robotic cleaners in pools for extended periods. This is because long term exposure to corrosive chemicals may damage cleaner components.


The benefits of robotic pool cleaners include:

  • Advanced cleaning functions
  • Multi-layered filtration
  • Smart map navigation
  • Super easy to use – plug in and run
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Smart phone app control
  • Eco-friendly with no hazardous wastes
  • Cost, water & energy efficient
  • Reduced need for pool cleaning chemicals
  • Helps prevent clogged filters with less backwashing